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After a career in the fashion industry Cheryl Robbins-Dooley decided to follow her passion for cooking and enrolled at The Natural Gourmet Institute, a leader in health supportive culinary arts and theory. After graduating Cheryl traveled through Europe and completed her externship at the River Café in London, England.  Here she became exhilarated by the Slow Food movement and handcrafted artisanal products.  Upon returning to NYC Cheryl started Epicurean Circus, a small food business for busy people living in Manhattan and worked as a private chef to a golf pro and his family in Southampton NY and Palm Beach FL. She has worked in numerous restaurants, catering facilities, private homes, bakeries and appeared on television along the way. In 1999, Cheryl moved to Vermont to marry and raise a family .In 2003, Blackflower Chocolate was created out of the desire to start a small business encompassing chocolate as food with great design and packaging.  
Cheryl brings a powerful passion to her handcrafted high cacao content chocolate.
Cheryl, enjoys blending 70% dark chocolate from Ecuador with herbs, spices, flowers and today’s superfoods to create taste combinations similar to the experience of drinking wine where one may taste floral, spicy, herbaceous notes as well as astringent and bitter ones.  Her line of bars, fruit, nut and seed barks and truffles are made in ultra small batches and contain only the purest ingredients most of which are organic and fair trade.
In the coming months Blackflower Chocolate will be introducing a line of higher cacao content bars, a line of raw chocolate and chocolate flavors influenced by yoga and chakras.  It is here where Cheryl’s true passion comes alive. The relationship between food and wellness is an integral part of the Blackflower line of products.  Enjoy, be happy and eat more CHOCOLATE!!!


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